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Recapturing the Wonder of Christmas (Pt 1) The Wonder of the Light (Matthew 2:1-10)


This might not sound “Christmassy” but give me a minute; a long time ago Jesus said to men who were attempting to keep children from “bothering” Him:


Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”


In other words, the people who will inhabit heaven will exhibit certain childlike qualities – qualities like purity, innocence, and joy.


There is something about the heart of a child which makes wondering and amazement more possible. They are ready to believe rather than cynical skeptics, they are inquisitive by nature and since so many things are new to their young eyes they become genuinely amazed by their discoveries.


Too often the cares of this world choke such things in us as we grow older and as a result moments like the season we’re in blow right on past us and before we know it we miss it.            


I loved Christmas as a child…everything about it.


I shoveled snow to make money to buy mom the best gift I could – I loved being able to do that. I loved the warmth of our home and even if we weren’t getting along it was still good to be with my sisters – Christmas cookies, going and cutting the tree, presents and family – these were the things that had my heart at Christmas.


It’s easy to see how in the absence of these things Christmas in adulthood might struggle to keep up with our childhood memories.


But the wonder of Christmas isn’t about those things – really. It is about something and someone who cannot be diminished if the conditions of the season aren’t just right. For the next few weeks join me to study the Christmas story in the Bible and together may we recapture the wonder of Christmas.


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