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About this weeks sermon:




Part 1 - Responding to Adversity (James 1:1-12)


What does life look like on the narrow path?


Life on the narrow path (which of course is a metaphor for trusting in Jesus Christ and the life which follows) is to be remarkably different from the life we lived prior to believing in Him.  We still suffer hurt, we still experience temptation, still feel the urge to lash out, to express harsh criticism, to make foolish choices; we are still human beings but we march to the beat of a different drum and live for a greater purpose. But the fact is that many of us fail to launch when it comes to responding in a new way to the circumstances and situations we face.


James, the half-brother of Jesus and leader of the young congregation at Jerusalem realized this to be true even in his day and wrote a letter to all believers to gently steer them towards godliness and mature faith.


His concern for believers was that the lives which they lived were in harmony with the faith they professed to possess.  


The specific challenges which James addressed in his letter lead the reader to question the way he or she responds in similar circumstances and often suggests responses which are very contrary to human nature because walking in faith, through the power of the holy Spirit is totally contrary to human nature.


The fact that his teaching suggests a response which is unusual has him in the good company of the Lord who among other things suggested that the believer turn the other cheek when someone slaps him (Matt. 5:39) or that a believer should give without reservation to the person who seeks to borrow from him or her with no concern for repayment (Matt. 5:42 and Luke 6:32-35) or that we should be kind to our enemies, to love them, do good to them, to bless them and to pray for them (Matt. 5:43-45) – Jesus said in doing such things we prove that we are sons of God (Matt. 5:45).


A few weeks ago I heard Dr. Tony Evans ask this question:


“Is your theology affecting your activity?”


If we’re on the narrow road the answer must be yes.


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