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About this weeks sermon:


Baptism - The Second Step of Faith (Matt. 28:18-20 and various)



I love those shows on cable that deal with the restoration of classic cars.


The other day I watched as they began to restore what appeared to be an already beautiful ’57 Bel Air. The people who bought it were told it was museum quality but upon closer inspection it was nothing more than new paint on an old rusty bucket of bolts.


You might be wondering, “What’s the restoration of a ‘57 Bel Air got to do with why we’re here this morning?”


Good question.


The fact is that some people use religion like the person who painted that Bel Air used paint – to cover up the outside and make it look good or godly. But just like anyone worth their salt in car restoration knows that you start with the bones – the chassis and the power train; the Lord Jesus begins at the core of who we are and works outwardly in restoring, renewing and transforming us.


For some people, Christianity is like the paint job on the Bel Air – something external that doesn’t deal with the actual problem.


Sometimes we treat our baptism like that too.


But the waters of baptism were never meant to clean us up or make us right with the Lord. They were meant to be a canvas in which we publically attest to the transformation brought about in our lives by trusting in Jesus. 


My friends, we trust in the saving work of Jesus to save us, not in the water of baptism. We died with Jesus when at first we trusted in Him – died to sin, worldliness and to self; then, by faith in Him we gained resurrection life as new believers. Our baptism is a public declaration of our death and new life in Him and a public statement of association and commitment to the Lord.


The act does not save people or make them holy but those who have been truly forgiven by the Lord will want to be baptized.







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