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A Divine Imperative (John 3:22-36)


He must increase, but we must decrease


Years ago, as we held the kick-off and registration for our first VBS in many years, I was introduced to a Hispanic woman who had played a very important mentoring role in a few of our member’s spiritual lives. The reason I remember her had to do with our introduction – she asked me my name and I replied, my name is Rich to which she replied, “that’s forgettable.”


At first, I thought that she just had a bad grasp of English and meant to say that my name was unforgettable because of its implication of wealth but later, I thought, “wow, what an insult;” as if her words were meant to be a hurtful and insulting evaluation of my person and my ministry.


Whatever her intention was, I have learned something from John the Baptist’s words to his own followers after they had complained, with an attitude of competition that Jesus was doing the same thing their leader was doing; when John remarked [John 3:30] – “He must increase but I must decrease” he was saying that he was willing to step back and even to be forgotten as long as the Lord Jesus was exalted.                 


The Baptist knew that his role in life was merely to be a witness; that all, through his witness might believe in Jesus but when Jesus Himself came into prominence and the whole world started coming after Him, John knew that he had to get out of the way.


The same is true today; not only must believers, church leaders and entire congregations be willing to get out of Jesus’ way, they must also realize that it is God who is doing a wonderful thing; God who is keeping the church open and God who is bringing men and women, young and old to Himself – for His glory, honor and praise. As Oswald Chambers is quoted to have said, “If you become a necessity to a soul, you are out of God's order.


He MUST increase, but we MUST decrease!


The Baptist got to the point of saying that compared to Jesus he was a nobody – a nobody telling everybody about a Somebody who can save anybody. He was willing to be forgotten as long as the Lord was exalted – may we all in the Spirit of John say as Hudson Taylor once said, “I am the little servant of an illustrious Master.







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