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About this weeks sermon:


Journey to Jerusalem (Pt 1)  (Luke 9:51-62)



Everyone loves a holiday.


Holidays are days off from work, days to spend however we like; they are a vacation from the mundane, humdrum routine of daily living.


Well…that’s how we treat them but actually, the word comes from the old English word hāligdæg which means “HOLY day.”


In the entire world there are only a few HOLY days which matter. In Judaism, the Day of Atonement and Passover are important because they both point to that which is made complete in the Lord Jesus Christ – by the blood of the spotless Lamb of God atonement is made for all of mankind.  Those HOLY days are however overshadowed by the Advent or incarnation of Jesus Christ when the pre-existent Son of God came in likeness to the people He created (Phil 2:7) and by the celebration of the Lord’s Passion – His actual death as our atoning sacrifice, His actual victorious resurrection  and His ascension or return to the Father.


HOLY – days are meant to be times when we consider such things.


I used to think that I was honoring the Lord Jesus as a teen by listening every year to “Jesus Christ Superstar” on the radio on Easter Sunday; I didn’t know then what I know now – that the musical was meant to ridicule rather than exalt the Savior.  Even so, what the enemy meant as a mockery the Lord used for good in my life as it caused me to wonder about someone who was abandoned by all for whom He died.


I used the HOLY day to contemplate the HOLY.


Jesus visited Jerusalem at various times in His life: His parents presented Him as required by the Law of the Lord (Luke 2:22-24); as a Child He visited again at the age of twelve to keep the Passover (Luke 2:42); twice He overturned the tables of those selling goods in His Father’s house (John 2:13-17; Matt. 21:12-13); for a night He endured the mockery of those He had come to redeem and it was just outside the gates of this city where He would die, be buried and rise again. One day He is coming back to that city to rule and reign over the world from His throne (Rev. 20:4-6) for a thousand years. Finally, we will be with Him and His Father in the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2-4) forever…


As we come to the most important HOLY day ever established, think on these things.  .



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