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About this weeks sermon:

Divergent (Part 9) - Don't Play God

James 4:11-12


One Bible verse stands out as a favorite of non-believing people in the world today and it is the one found in [Matt. 7:1] where the Lord Jesus Christ says:

Judge not, that you be not judged.”

This verse is most often repeated after a Christian indicates that they have a problem with a certain mindset, worldview, opinion or behavior; the problem with the application is that it isn’t quite accurate.  The original language makes plain that the warned behavior has to do with condemning people for what they do – no one but God has the RIGHT to do that; it does not have to do with the daily judgments, evaluations and determinations we make concerning the world around us and how we’ll participate in it in light of our faith.

While I do not have the right to pronounce sentence on anyone believer or non-believer I have been given a charge by the same Lord who spoke those words above to be salt and light in this world – to be the difference the Lord wants to make in this world and to shed the light of God’s word into a rebellious world – if you’re a believer, you have the same charge.

The world we live in demands that all people (Christians included) open their minds and become more tolerant of their open minded "progressive" world-view all the while refusing in their own "open mindedness" to hear or allow anything but agreement with their views. Part of that stems from the fact that some believers HAVE judged or condemned those who lifestyles, worldviews and behaviors are different than their own or run contrary to the moral and ethical truths found in the scriptures when in fact all that Christians have leeway to do is to declare the truth. What truth? The truth that every person who has ever lived is guilty of sin and has fallen way short of God's expectations (Romans 3:23) and that the "due compensation" for our sin is death; but grace has been provided through Jesus Christ. A "life-line" has been cast from heaven to each of us in the person of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23) so that anyone who will believe may be forgiven of their sins and granted new and eternal life (John 3:16).

Sadly, there are those within the church who also judge and condemn believers who have sinned in some way only adding to the harm that failing to be ambassadors and reconcilers for Christ produces in the world.

Today, consider your role in the world. Christian, are you a referee and a judge of others or a peacemaker and reconciler? Non-believer, will you open YOUR mind to the love of God found in Christ Jesus alone and be saved.         


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