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About this weeks sermon:


It's All about the Dirt (Mark 4:1-21)



The moment we read of in (Mark 4) is not unlike what happens week after week in our churches. A crowd of people with mixed motives about why they were there, mixed feelings about who they were about to hear and what He was about to say came together in one place not neccessarily to worship only presumably to listen.


Then Jesus spoke. He told them about a sower, some seed and the various places to which that seed fell. He told them about birds which consumed some of that seed, about seed that landed in shallow soil and was parched by the heat, about seed that landed among thorns and thistles which like the seed which fell on the shallow ground likewise found no place to take root and grow and He spoke about good, nutrient rich ground which bore to the sower a crop.


Then He said, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."


That's it.


He made no explanation at that time - He simply taught farmers about farming. The great teacher who spoke as one who had authority; the miracle worker who healed the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead told the people about farming giving them no frame of reference and no reason for the lesson. 


Why? Because the majority of those who had come did not actually come to hear Him and be changed, they came to get something but not neccessarily what Jesus was offering. The BIble says that these people had become dull of heart, that is they had become deaf to the words of the Lord - uninterested and unresponsive to the words He taught. Their response to His parable proved it.


What would you have thought after hearing something like what Jesus taught in (Mark 4:1-9)? Would you simply have gone home thinking, "Something was off with the pastor today; I just didn't get that message;" of would you have been among the comparative handful who later came to Jesus (V.10) asking Him to elaborate on what He had earlier said - your answer says a lot about you. 


Jesus was trying cause spiritual hunger in the hearts of hard people, shallow people and distracted people - people who had closed their eyes, ears and hearts to words which if they heard them would change their lives.


Does that describe you?




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