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Church doesn't have to be a place where you get lost in the crowd.  At FBC Westhoff (First Baptist Church) you'll find a congregation that always has room for one more; a place where the Bible is preached with conviction, and where the love of God is tangibly expressed beginning with our welcome of every visitor.  Come and grow with us through the various discipleship and fellowship opportunities offered throughout the year. We are a small church full of loving hearts, here for you.

About this weeks sermon:



God's Best Gift

(Hebrews 8:6-13)



Satisfied with less…


Does that describe the hearts of people during a season which I’ve come to call the season of discontent – are they satisfied with less?


Are you?


I call it a season of discontent because when asked, rather than an “I have everything I need”” people young and old readily state what they want for Christmas. In reality, discontent rather than contentment is a problem for many people and the materialism of the season feeds that felt need for more or better.


This isn’t a rant on that but it is meant to challenge you to consider your desires. You see, I believe that the desire which God has for your life is far greater and better than what you want for and from it.


Those outside of faith in Jesus Christ are perfectly content to be in the condition I just described and that fact makes clear to me that while some people are never truly content with the things they possess –  more are simply content with less.


Jesus Christ promised abundant life (John 10:10) to those who trust in Him – abundant life now and forever more but so many people are satisfied with less than that.


So many are satisfied with less because they can’t imagine a better life, a fuller life or a happier life than the one they have – they are satisfied with less because they don’t know or believe that there is more or better than what they have now or that they can have it. 


God sent His Son to usher in better things – whether you know it or not, more than anything else, you really have need of those better things – of grace, mercy, forgiveness, eternal life and an eternal relationship with the Lord.


In Christ, those better things have been provided and are yours for the asking. 


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