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About this weeks sermon:

Enter His Rest

(Hebrews 3:7 - 4:11)



Jesus said in [Matt.11:28-29] that if you come to Him with your burdens


You will find rest for your souls.”


When you hear that, what do you envision?


Is it a hammock nested between two palms on the white sanded shoreline of an azure blue ocean on a cloudless but breezy sunny day? Is it the quiet of a clearing high on a pine covered mountain side? Or is the rest you envision like a day free of demands, stress and deadlines?


The rest Jesus offers us isn’t really any of those things.


Jesus isn’t merely offering us a break from our day to day or a time out to regroup – the rest He invites us to is more – it is eternal and it was prepared for all who would enter into it from the foundation of the world.


Only one thing can cheat you out of or keep you from that rest – that one thing is unbelief.


Unbelief kept the Israelites following Moses in the Exodus out of Egypt from entering into the rest God promised them in Canaan and unbelief still keeps them from entering into His rest today; a rest which has been made possible through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Unbelief keeps those burdened down by the guilt and shame of their past from coming to Jesus for the grace He promised them if they came to Him.


Unbelief continues to keep people from the promised rest of God.


What does that rest look like?  It is like a seat next to the Father, Son and Spirit the day after the masterpiece of creation was finished.  On that day, the seventh day, the Lord rested from His labor not because He was tired but because it was finished and He was satisfied with it all. He was satisfied with the Sun, moon and stars, with all of the plants and creatures great and small; with the mountains, streams, lakes and oceans teeming with life. On that day God left a seat for you and me to join Him one day in an uninterrupted Sabbath rest.


That rest remains to be entered into but all who trust in the Lord one day will enter it. Today, He may be inviting you – will you enter His rest?



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