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Philippians Bible Study (Pt4) Unity Through Humility - Practicing the Attitude of Christ (Phil.2:1-11)



May I ask you a question?


What’s the difference between commitment and surrender?


Today, to be a “committed Christian” means that you have decided to follow Jesus as far as you’re willing to go – because commitment implies that you are still in control of your choices and decisions; while surrender is just that – a relinquishing of control over your life so that you will follow the Lord wherever He may lead you and for as long as He leads.


Which one are you?


On the subject of surrendering to the Lord, Steve Greene, Pastor of the Point Church in Indiana wrote, “Surrender is an act of humility.  Our inclination is to try to stay in charge.  Pride causes us to want to stay in control.  Fear makes us afraid to surrender our lives to God.  Our tendency is to make our plans without even consulting God.  Then we want to pray and ask God to bless our plans.  Why ask God to bless the life you are living, if you are unwilling to live the life God has already promised to bless?” 


In the Christian church humility is a big deal.


It was Jesus’ humility mixed with His submission to the will of His Father even to the point of death (because God the Father required it) that brought the church into existence – Jesus Christ “humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death,” Paul wrote in (Phil.2:8) and that attitude of humility is supposed to prevail in the heart of every believer today.


But it cannot prevail in the heart of one who is still in control of his or her life or in the life of one who still pridefully clings to his or her rights and since even the unity in the church depends on mutual submission based on surrender the church and its mission suffers harm.


Have you waved the white flag of surrender before God and given over control of your life to Him? It is true that the greatest act of humility is giving up control of your life to the God who made you but your surrender will also open your life up to limitless possibilities and blessings.


Today I hope you’ll take the time to consider this question: “Have I merely committed to Jesus or have I truly surrendered my life to Him?”                                                                




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