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About this weeks sermon:



The Lord's Supper - A Celebration of Connection

(Matt. 26:26-29)



Last week, we considered the role of worship in the church and lives of born again believers and as we did it was established (hopefully) that worshipping Jesus is not merely a part of what we as the church do one particular day of the week but rather that to be worshipping Jesus is to be the entirety of what we are to be doing daily.


That said, it seems to me that there is one celebration of worship which for the believer and the church should overshadow all other moments until every believer is assembled together for eternity in His presence; that being our worship at the Lord’s Table of Communion.


Coming to the Lord’s table (1 Cor. 10:21) is a solemn time of reflection upon the work of Jesus to deliver believers from captivity to sin much like the Passover feast (Ex. 12:1-14) during which the “Lord’s Supper” was instituted is a solemn moment of reflection upon the then nation of Israel’s deliverance from captivity to Egypt.


Both the Passover and the “Lord’s Supper” are solemn occasions because they recall to our minds the fact that God acted on the behalf of those He created.


Both required a sacrifice – the blood of an unblemished lamb for the Passover and the blood of the sinless Lamb of God for the sin of all mankind. 


Both were ordained by God to be a substitution and a mode of deliverance from the wrath of the Almighty – the first for a specific moment in time and a specific group of people and the second for ALL time and ALL people.


Worshipping at the Lord’s Table leads us to recall the life and teachings of the Lord, His suffering on our behalf and His victory over death. Worshipping at His table reminds us of the responsibility He left us with when He returned to His Father. 


Communion is a time of refreshing in and from the Lord and a time to recommit to Him, to each other and to the work. It’s a time for uskl to reflect on our reflection of the Lord in the world and an opportunity to repent.


Most of all, worship at the Lord’s Table builds our longing for and anticipation of the Lord’s promised return.  Perhaps the next time we celebrate it we will do it with Him.   


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