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A Plan for Fighting Temptation (1 Cor. 10:13 and various))


What comes to your mind when the subject of temptations comes up?


Is it that second scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a desire to have a car as fine as the one your neighbor just bought or might it be the good looking guy or girl next door that comes to mind? The fact is that temptations are as numerous as those who are tempted.


We should note that Paul wrote that temptation is common to us all but what constitutes a temptation to one person may not even register as such to another – temptation in general plagues us all but the temptations which plague us all are personally very individualized and specific.  


There are many temptations which you may not even be aware of as such; for instance the temptation to grumble and complain; we do it often and yet we don’t have to complain at all – there is always a bright side to everything. Then there is the temptation to talk about other people’s personal issues instead of taking the time to pray to God about what you know.       


We are also tempted to judge people by their appearances, to think the worst of others instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt and to think of ourselves better than we ought.


These things which we so easily give in to we are called to fight against in our lives as believers and we have been given much in the way of instruction as to forming a plan for fighting the temptations that come against us. In short they include the following:


A relationship with the God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ, our submission to the Lord’s leadership in our lives, our obedience to the Holy Spirit of God, our attentiveness and immersion in the Word of God and our sensitivity towards the heart of God. Of course having an accountability partner (a trustworthy friend) cannot hurt as such a person could prove to be a valuable ally in your struggle to live a life that honors the Lord and points the way for others to salvation in Jesus Christ.


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