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Divergent (Part 12) Hang On! (James 5:7-11)

How do you act when your patience is tested?

In a survey taken by the Associated Press in 2006 we learn that it takes on average, seventeen minutes for most people to lose their patience while in line; we learn that men have a shorter length of patience than women do and that most people lose it after spending nine minutes on hold on the phone.

Patience is hard. It is in daily conflict with our passions -  passions (for example) to get even after being wronged, passions to have what we cannot afford or don't need and passions to get ahead.

If we cannot be patient during such trite and trivial circumstances as waiting in line or on the phone, how will we be able to stand in the day of adversity when our lives are offended by illness, sudden loss or persecution for faith in Jesus Christ?

A notable person once said, "patience isn't the ability to wait, it is how we wait while we're waiting."

The patience of the followers of Christ is the subject of today's sermon titled "Hang On!"

(note: the sermon is available in read only format PDF; no MP3 is available)



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