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God's View - Christian Living in a Fallen World (Eph. 4:17-24)

In a recent episode of the view, the hosts unleashed their vitriol on Vice-president Mike Pence; not as a response to an allegation of impropiety, philandery, adultery, thievery or deception but as a response to his faith in Jesus Christ. 

Their problem with Mr. Pence was that he “talks to, listens for and hears God speak to him” in reality, their problem with Mike Pence is that he views the world through his faith in Jesus Christ and lives accordingly while they view the world through a different lens.

It is time that believers - men and women who like Mike Pence see the world from God's view...say so. 

In this series of messages we will address some of the most avoided and sensitive subjects which we face in society today. Join us as we consider our responsibility to express God's view in the world today...


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