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God's View: Christian Living in a Fallen World (Pt 2) A Biblical View on Homosexuality (1 Cor. 6:9-11 and various)

These days, it is unusual for a church to address sin; people like to be encouraged and uplifted as a result of coming to church rather than challenged and convicted. But the ministry of the church is to equip saints with the tools they need to minister the gospel in God's name. After all, each of us has been called to be a light in the world - it is not only the call of the church corperately but of believers individually to be that light.

Sometimes light is offensive, especially to those who have been in the dark for a long time; so too, the world of God can be offensive to those who have lived long in the darkness of sin.

Today's message addresses neither the greatest sin or the only sin but rather one of many as we try to flesh out the Word of God in our lives. 

It is spoken in humility and in love but also in all seriousness... may the Lord lead you as you listen.

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